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Aermacchi 339

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    Primary Function:
    Empty Weight:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    Range :  
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
advanced trainer
pilot and student
RR Viper
4,400 lbs.
7,525 lbs.
14,000 lbs.
36 ft. 5 in.
36 ft. 2 in.
490 mph
560 mph
6,900 fpm
48,600 feet
1,100 miles

Aermacchi 339
Aermacchi 339

Aermacchi 339 aircraft are used as advanced training and light attack aircraft in a number of air forces throughout the world. They are perhaps best recognized as the official aircraft of the Italian Frecci Tricolori aerobatic demonstration team.

Pilots praise the excellent maneuverability of the advanced trainer. It is especially capable at low flying speeds and retains its handling characteristics at speeds as low as 110 mph.

The Aermacchi 339 can also be employed in the role of a light attack aircraft. It is equipped with three hard points under each wing and can carry up to 4,000 lbs. or ordnance. This includes a cannon pod, conventional and guided bombs, plus air to air, and air to ground missiles.

Although first deployed in 1979, the aircraft has received continuous updates. Today's MB-339 is equipped with the latest head up and multi function displays.

Air forces of nine countries around the world currently use the Aermacchi 339 as their light attack and advanced training aircraft.

A total of 230 Aermacchi 339 aircraft of all types have been manufactured to date.

Aermacchi 339
Aermacchi 339 - Graupner

Pictured above is the Aermacchi 339 from Graupner. It has a wingspan and a length of 73". Recommended power can come from a Jet Cat P 80 or P 120 turbine. All up weight is about 19 lbs.

The first picture below is of the Aermacchi 339 from Canterbury Sailplanes. It is a slope soarer. Wingspan is 48" and length is 39". It has two channel control for ailerons and elevator. Construction material used is EPP foam. It will fly in winds of 10 MPH+. All up weight is 21 oz.

The next picture below is of the Aermacchi 339 for sale on eBay. The ARF has a wingspan of 44" and a length of 35".

Fun Fly Hobby has a Aermacchi 339. It has a wingspan of 54" and a length of 57". Included is a 90 mm EDF unit. A 850 W motor is suggested to turn it. Weight is around 5 lbs.

RC Universe shows a Aermacchi 339 from DL Aeromodeles. Its wingspan is 67" and length is 64". From .90 to 1.09 DF engines are the suggested power. We were unable to find a website for DL Aeromodeles.

Fei Bao has a Aermacchi 339. Wingspan is 94 1/2" and length is 96". Although the website shows a weight of 35 lbs. a RTI-20 turbine equipped model is said to weigh about 53 lbs.

The final picture on this page is of the Aermacchi 339 from BZ-Modellbau. It has a wingspan of 77" and a length of 75". Recommended power is a single 14 lb. thrust turbine. Its weight is about 19 lbs.

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Aermacchi 339
Aermacchi 339 - Canterbury Sailplanes

Aermacchi 339
Aermacchi 339 - eBay.

Aermacchi 339
Aermacchi 339 - BZ-Modellbau