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Helicopters Airwolf
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      Primary Function:
      Weight Empty:
      Max. Weight:
      Cruise Speed:
      Max. Speed:
      Climb Rate:
      Year Deployed:
42 ft. 2 in.
12 ft. 2 in.
42 ft.
4,900 lbs.
9,750 lbs.
2 - 20 mm
sunburst flares
345 mph
Mach 2
60,000 fpm
89,000 feet

Helicopters Airwolf
RC Airwolf

Vario's RC Airwolf for turbine power fuselage kit is made from GRP. It is 90 1/2 in. long, 29 in. wide, 25 in. high, and uses a 93 in. rotor. Retracts are included. Weight is around 38 1/2 lbs.

Airwolf was a fictional armored stealth helicopter in a weekly TV show. It could perform high-g maneuvers and fly at supersonic speeds.

The RC Airwolf from Varo 71 in. long fuselage kit is for petrol, X-Treme, or Sky Fox mechanics. It is made from CFRP, is 21 1/2 in. wide, 19 in. high, uses a 70 in. rotor and 23 cc engine. There are 14 pieces in the kit that weighs around 19 lbs.

Airwolf was equipped with "turbo-boost," and had a sound like the howl of a wolf. At hover the rotor blades made a ghostly whine.

The RC Airwolf 10 piece fuselage from Vario is for Sky Fox mechanics. It is 58 in. long, 17 in. wide, 16 1/2 in. high, uses a 59 in. rotor, and 11.5 cc engine. Retracts are included. It weighs around 14 lbs.

Helicopters Airwolf
RC Airwolf

The RC Airwolf from XHeli comes ready to fly, including radio, flight battery, and charger. Its rotor is 13 1/2 inches in diameter, and the fuselage is 16 in long.

Airwolf could operate in "silent mode," hovering quietly. Its communication system could eavesdrop on telephone and radio conversations, tap into and confuse computer systems, jam enemy transmissions and disrupt ground based electrical systems.

RC Helicopters Airwolf
RC Airwolf

The XHeli RC Airwolf in an orange paint scheme comes ready to fly with a 4 channel radio, is 18 in. long and has a 17 in. rotor diameter.

The weapons and radar systems of the Airwolf would be the envy of the most advanced fighter pilot of today.

RC Helicopters Airwolf
RC Airwolf

The RC Airwolf from Walkera is ready to fly (RTF). It has a length of 16 1/2 in., a rotor diameter of 16 in., and is powered by two 180 PH motors. Also included are a radio, motor controller, batteries, and chargers.

Helicopters Airwolf
RC Airwolf

The RC Airwolf from Lie Bao is ready to fly with a length of 10 1/2 in., a 10 in. rotor, and a pair of 180 motors. Speed controller, battery, charger, and radio are all included.

XHeli's three channel RC Airwolf features lighted rotors and comes ready to fly. Main rotor diameter is 13 1/2 in., length is 14 1/2 in. and height is 7 in.

The RC Airwolf from Century Helicopter has three sizes of fuselages. The smallest, .30 size fuselage has a length of 46.5 in.

The mid size fuselage for the RC Airwolf from Century Helicopter takes a .50 engine. It has a length of 53 in.

The largest of the fuselages for the RC Airwolf from Century Helicopter is a .60 size. The fuselage is 56 in. long.

T-Rex has a RC Airwolf that has a 3350 kV motor. It is a 450 size RTF that comes complete with servos, speed controller, gyro and radio.

Shenzhen'sRC Airwolf comes with a three channel control. It is 15 in. long, 4 in. wide, and 7 in high.

Chengdu Yuxiang produces a fuselage of the RC Airwolf that fits 450 mechanics.

Syma has a RC Aiwolf that comes ready to fly. Its length is 7 in. and it has 5 in. coaxial rotors.

Bargain Bloodhound Toys RC Airwolf has two motors and is 15 3/4 in. long, 5 1/2 in. wide and 6 1/2 in. high.

RS Hobbies has a laser equipped RC Airwolf. If one is "hit" by the laser, its motor will stop.

Ikarus has a fuselage for the RC Airwolf that is 20 inches in length.

Feida Toys has a mini RC Airwolf for sale.

Cheong-Un Models has a RC Airwolf for sale.

Million Power Group has a RC Airwolf 450 size fuselage.

Feida Toys has a RC Airwolf that uses infrared control.

Sam Toys RC Airwolf operates on three channels.

Cooler Stuff Toys RC Airwolf has an included flight battery.

The RC Airwolf from Chuangjia Toys is 6 in. long, has a width of 2 1/2 in. and a height of 2 1/2 in.

Hangzhou Ruitians RC Airwolf is 12 in. long with a 10 in. main rotor.

The RC Airwolf from GHD Crafts & Toys is 8 in. long and has 3 channel control.

Shande Electric Factory has a three channel RC Airwolf.

The RC Airwolf from Shenzhen Heli's has three channel control and is 7 in. long.

AZ Trading has a RC Airwolf that uses three channels.

The RC Airwolf from Pengbu Toys is 12 in. long, 3 in. wide, a 6 in. high.

Raidentech has a RC Airwolf that is 12 1/2 in. long, has a 10 in. rotor, and uses three channels.

The RC Airwolf from Shenzhen E-Do Models has a glass fiber 450 size canopy.

The RC Airwolf from Amax has a 17 in. main rotor.

ES-Toys, has a RC Airwolf with a 13 in. main rotor.

RC Are Us Toys RC Airwolf comes RTF and includes a four channel radio. It is 23" long, 7" wide, and 10" high.

Mike Hoffman from Chino, California writes:
"My RC Airwolf from XHeli is a smooth flier. On its first flight is spooled up easily and just lifted off. This was my first experience flying an electric powered rc helicopter. I appreciated the turbine engine sound, and there wasn't the usual smoke. I flew the XHeli RC Airwolf until the motor slowed down as the battery energy was used. After landing I checked all the electronics and found them only a little warm. The RC Airwolf from XHeli looks great on the ground and when flying. I am still getting used to the transition from engine to motor power, and performance is great! Since it is a coaxial helicopter with no tail rotor, rudder response is different than with my other helicopters. However, the coaxial rotors are great at keeping the helicopter tracking on line. Transitioning from forward flight to hover and back again is just like the full scale helicopter. Getting the XHeli RC Airwolf has made an electric power believer out of me. It is much easier to prepare it for flight. And the flight characteristics and sound can't be beat. Furthermore, I no longer have to worry about the engine suddenly quitting. Anyone looking to transition from gas to electric power should try the XHeli RC Airwolf."

We appreciating your review of the RC Airwolf from XHeli, Mike and wish you smooth flying

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