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   Primary Function:
   Weight Empty:
   Max. Weight:
   Machine Guns:
   Cruise Speed:
   Max. Speed:
   Climb Rate:
   First Flight:
   Year Deployed:
P&W R-1830
1,200 h.p.
5,375 lbs.
8,250 lbs.
4- 7.7 mm
2- 20 mm
25' 6"
36' 0"
240 mph 
300 mph
2,700 fpm
34,000 feet
925 miles

The CAC Boomerang was an Australian fighter aircraft produced by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corp.

The CAC Boomerang design was based on an earlier aircraft produced by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corp. called the Wirraway. It was developed from the North American NA-16 training aircraft.

The CAC Boomerang retained the wings and tail of its predecessor and mated them to a new fuselage. This enabled it to go from drawing board to a production prototype in only about 90 days.

CAC Boomerang aircraft used a P&W Twin Wasp radial piston engine that produced 1,200 h.p. at lower altitudes. The engine was not capable of producing much power at altitudes above 15,000 feet. Compared to other fighter aircraft of the day the Boomerang was under powered.

Although under powered, when the CAC Boomerang entered service in October of 1942, it was well armed. Armament consisted of four 7.7 mm machine guns and two 20 mm cannons. In addition, the pilot of the aircraft was well protected by cockpit armor.

The CAC Boomerang served in Australia and New Guinea. Some 450 aircraft were produced.

Awesome RC Products CAC Boomerang.

There aren't a whole lot of CAC Boomerang radio control airplanes out there, but one we found is an ARF.

In the first pictures immediately above and below is the Awesome RC Products CAC Boomerang.  It has a wingspan of 40 1/2". The fuselage measures 25" in length. Recommended power for the CAC Boomerang can come from any Speed 400 size motor. Awesome RC Products recommends either a Himark A28-15 or C28-12 motor.

If you are looking for plans for a CAC Boomerang, check out Airborne Magazine. Theirs has a wingspan of 72".  To power it you will need a .60 two stroke engine.

The second picture below is of a 1/48 scale plastic model airplane CAC Boomerang.  It comes from a LTD Models kit.  Oliver Lacombe built it. He tells us that the kit has great instructions and excellent decals.  The only difficult part of the assembly was getting the wing dihedral at the proper angle.

Special Hobby has a 1/48 plastic scale model kit of the CAC Boomerang.  It has over 130 parts.  We are told that that the kit has a very detailed cockpit and lots of detailed parts for the aircraft engine.  It includes very good decals and is for experienced modelers.

The last picture on the page is of the great looking 1/72 scale CAC Boomerang from a Airfix plastic scale model kit.  It was built by Michael Johnson.

Email us  if you would like to recommend a CAC Boomerang.

The CAC Boomerang from Awesome RC.

A CAC Boomerang from LTD Models.

CAC Boomerang from Airfix.

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