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Mirage 2000C Specifications

        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Initial Climb:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
1 x 21,835 lbs.
16,535 lbs.
37,480 lbs.
2- 30 mm
13,900 lbs.
47 ft. 1 in.
29 ft. 11 in.
560 mph
1,450 mph
56,000 fpm
54,000 feet
1,150 miles

Dassault Mirage 2000C
Mirage 2000C

The Mirage 2000C, produced by Dassault, became the first of the Mirage 2000 series of aircraft to be deployed. A prototype Mirage 2000C first took to the sky in 1978, with initial deployment in 1983.

The aircraft utilized a delta wing and a better understanding of aerodynamics augmented by fly-by-wire technology to attain superb speed and maneuverability.

The Mirage 2000C bears an outward resemblance to the III series, but is in fact an entirely new aircraft.

Throughout the years, the Mirage 2000C has been upgraded with more powerful, fuel efficient engines, longer range, higher resolution radars.

Eventually the radar of the Mirage 2000C enabled the tracking of very low flying targets, in addition to targets at altitude.

A Non-Cooperative Target Recognition mode was added to the radar avionics in order to identify aircraft which would not respond to IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) electronics. The original mission of the Mirage 2000C was air superiority, but newer models carried avionics to accomplish air to ground, air to sea, and close air support missions.

Although deliveries of the single crew aircraft to the French Air Force ceased in 1998, Mirage 2000C aircraft continued to be delivered to French allies around the world.

The Mirage 2000Cseries "N" two seat aircraft has the capability of dropping nuclear ordnance.

Another two seat version, the series "D" is used as a ground attack aircraft, and can carry laser guided missiles, rockets and free fall bombs. The avionics of the series D aircraft include terrain following, all weather radar systems, enabling low altitude strikes.

The series 5, available in single and two seat versions, became operational in 1997. It is the most advanced version of the aircraft. Upgrades to the aircraft include a more powerful engine, enhanced radar systems, and the ability to utilize the latest long range air to air missiles.

The pilot of the series 5 aircraft can utilize HOTAS (Hands Off Throttle And Stick controls) and a combination HUD (Head Up Display) and head level display. These incorporate flight control information along with navigation and weapons systems. The pilot can track up to 24 targets while simultaneously engaging up to the eight which demand the highest priority.

The Mirage 2000C is capable of carrying some 13,900 lbs. of ordnance on five fuselage and four under wing hard points. In addition, the single seat aircraft carries two 30 mm cannons.

Mirage 2000C aircraft flew missions over Bosnia and Kosovo as part of UN peace keeping operations.

Although both French and Egyptian aircraft flew missions during the Gulf War, there are no reports of them seeing any action.

On October 8, 1996 two Mirage 2000C aircraft from the Greek Air Force engaged a flight of two Turkish aircraft that had reportedly violated Greek air space. We understand that one of the Greek aircraft fired a missile at the Turkish aircraft and downed it after the Turkish aircraft failed to comply with orders to return to international air space and then engaged in aggressive maneuvering. The other Turkish aircraft complied with the orders and was not fired upon.

Mirage 2000C
Mirage 2000C - NitroPlanes

Pictured immediately above is the Mirage 2000C from NitroPlanes. Wingspan is 23" and length is 33". It comes complete with a brushless motor turning a 64 mm EDF, ESC, flight battery, and servos.

The first picture below is of Mirage 2000C built from a kit for sale from Lahaie.  It has a 42" length and comes with a fiberglass fuselage and sheeted wings. To power it you will need a Kress RK-720 impeller.

The second picture below is of the 63" long Mirage 2000C from a kit by Lahaie. It features a fiberglass fuselage with a molded rudder and wings. To power it you can use .46 to .91 ducted fan engines to turn a 5 1/2" fan.

The next picture down is of Dominique Thoreau and his Mirage 2000C from a kit by Aviation Design Jets. It is 1/9 scale with a 40" wingspan and a 63" length. It has a epoxy glass fuselage and sheeted wings. Recommended power is a .91 ducted fan engine driving a 5 1/2" fan.

Pictured last on this page is the Mirage 2000C built by Mark Cunningham from a kit by Jet Hangar Hobbies. The kit includes options for the scale 36" wingspan or a 45" wingspan. Fuselage lengths can be 61", 63 1/2" or 67 1/2". The fuselage is made from fiberglass and the wings are wood sheeting over foam. You can power it with a ducted fan engine turning a 5" fan system, or your favorite turbine.

Mirage 2000C
Mirage 2000C - Lahaie

Mirage 2000C
Mirage 2000C - climbing

Mirage 2000C
Mirage 2000C - Thoreau

Mirage 2000C
Mirage 2000C - Jet Hangar Hobbies

Parkjet Plans has plans for a styrofoam Mirage 2000C with a 20" wingspan. To power it you will need a GWS EDF 55 fan unit.

Fei Bao Jet Models has a Mirage 2000C that comes as an ARF. Length is 97" and wingspan is 64". Fei Bao recommends using a 27 to 36 lb. thrust turbine. All up weight is around 28 lbs.

Skymaster Jets will be happy to sell you their Mirage 2000C. Wingspan is 65" and length is 96". From 20 to 35 lb. thrust turbines are recommended. It will weigh about 30 lbs. ready to fly.

Ductedfans.com has a fiberglass fuselage Mirage 2000C with a length of 43". Wings of the ARF are sheeted foam with a span of 28". Included is a 2800 kV motor turning a WM 400 fan unit.

Ductedfans.com also has a Styrofoam Mirage 2000C. The ARF has a wingspan of 37 1/2" with a length of 53". Powering it is a 1800 kV motor driving a 92 mm fan.

Kamdax Jets has a foamy Mirage 2000C. It has a wingspan of 23" and a length of 38". Included is a Kamdax motor and EDF unit.

Exceed RC has a Mirage 2000C that is an ARF foamy. Its wingspan is 22 1/2" and length is 33". Included is a motor and 64 mm fan unit.

Ricca has a Mirage 2000C foamy with a 25" wingspan. Its length is 28" and included are a motor and ducted fan unit. Weight is around 1 lb. 1 oz.

Victor RC has a Mirage 2000C with a 27 1/2" wingspan and 43" length. It needs a motor and 70 mm EDF for power."

There is a Mirage 2000C from Top Model. It features a fuselage made from fiberglass. Wingspan is 21" and length is 29". The 1 1/2 lb. model comes with a motor and 56 mm fan unit.

From China, Teen Technology has a Mirage 2000C. Its wingspan is 37 1/2" and length is 53". Construction is from foam. It comes with a B36 motor and 92 mm EDF. Weight is about 3 1/2 lbs.

Blitz works has a Mirage 2000C that comes ready to fly. Its wingspan is 31" and length is 48". Included are retracts, a motor and 70 mm fan unit.

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