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Radio Control Airplanes Eurofighter
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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
one or two
Eurojet EJ200
2- 21,500 lbs ea.
52 ft. 5 in.
35 ft. 11 in.
21,500 lbs.
46,300 lbs.
1- 27mm
14,300 lbs.
848 mph
1,480 mph
50,000 fpm
60,000 feet
2,300 miles

The Eurofighter is considered by many as today's premier European made fighter aircraft and overall one of the best fighter aircraft in the world.

Pilots report that the Eurofighter is "exhilarating to fly" with high maneuverability. The twin EJ200 turbofan engines combine light weight, high thrust, and low fuel consumption.

Eurofighter aircraft are being deployed throughout Europe and in Saudi Arabia.

Eurofighter aircraft have seen action attacking Gaddafi forces in Libya.

Radio Control Airplanes Eurofighter
RC Eurofighter from Banana Hobby.

Banana Hobby's rc Eurofighter has a wingspan of 38 in. and is 55 in. long. It comes as a kit or ARF and features retractable l/g and rotating exhaust nozzles. Included is a motor and 90 mm fan unit.

RC Eurofighter from NitroPlanes.

The rc Eurofighter from Nitroplanes wingspan is 25 in. and it is 38 1/2 in. long with a weight of around 23 oz. Included is a motor turning a 64 mm EDF. This is just one of the rc Eurofighter radio control airplanes available in a variety of sizes and paint schemes, as ARF or RTF, at NitroPlanes.

RC Eurofighter from RC Powers.

RC Powers has plans and instructions for the rc Eurofighter. It has a 34 3/4 in. wingspan, a 46 1/2 in. length, is mid-motor powered, and weighs around 2 lbs.

RC Eurofighter from 6MMFlyRC.

The rc Eurofighter from 6MMFlyRC comes as a kit made from Depron. It has a 28 in. wingspan, is 40 1/2 in. long, and weighs around 19 oz. An outrunner motor is the suggested power.

RC Eurofighter from SAPAC America.

The rc Eurofighter from SAPAC America comes as ARF. It has a wingspan of 37 1/2 in. and a length of 39 1/2 in. A 4000 kV motor driving a 65 mm fan comes with the all foam rc airplane.

RC Eurofighter from Parkjets.

Parkjets plans for the 30 in. wingspan rc Eurofighter build to a length of 42 in. with a weight around 20 oz. The pusher prop is spun by a Hacker A20-20L motor.

Parkjets has two plans for the rc Eurofighter. Not shown is their 24 in. wingspan rc Eurofighter. Typical propulsion can be a Himax 2015-4100 geared motor with a pusher prop.

RC Eurofighter from Grumania.

The sweet looking Grumania Jet Model rc Eurofighter has a wingspan of 48 in. and a length of 62 in. Weight is around 15 lbs. Grumania says that you can use any jet turbine with more than 11 lbs. thrust for power.

RC Eurofighter from Aero Dreamworks.

The rc Eurofighter by Aero Dreamworks wingspan is 26 in. and length is 34.5 in. Power for the pusher prop rc airplane is provided by a C28-30 motor.

Megajets has a rc Eurofighter foamy kit on eBay. It builds to a 31 in. wingspan and 45 in. length. Power can come from a 400 W or greater pusher prop motor.

Green Air Design has a rc Eurofighter made from Depron with a wingspan of 24 in. and a length of 30 in. To power it you will need a pair of 2300 kV motors plus 44 mm EDF units.

George Garr of Las Vegas, NV writes:
"I built the 30 in. rc Eurofighter from the Parkjets plans It flies easily, and has a very light wing loading. The ailerons are effective and the elevator is not overly sensitive. It does all the aerobatics, but what it does best is fly very slowly with a nose high attitude."

We thank you for the information about your Parkjets rc Eurofighter, George.

Please email us if you have built a rc Eurofighter, or if you would like to recommend one.