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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Max. Speed:
        Initial Climb:
        First Flight (type):
        Year Deployed:
RR Derwent
2- 3,600 lbs. ea.
10,680 lbs.
15,700 lbs.
4- 20 mm
2,400 lbs.
44 ft. 7 in.
37 ft. 2 in.
616 mph
2,150 fpm
43,000 feet
600 miles

Meteor F8
Meteor F8

The Meteor F8, produced by Gloster, first flew on October 12, 1948. It was the most advanced in the line of aircraft. Its fuselage was some 2 1/2 feet longer than its predecessors, done to better balance the aircraft. Its engines were more efficient and powerful, and its fuselage stronger. A new canopy provided better all-around vision for its pilot.

The Meteor F8 became the primary fighter of the British RAF in the early 1950's. It was also widely exported throughout the world. The aircraft was deployed by Australia to participate in the Korean War where it was primarily used for ground attack.

The Meteor was the only Allied jet to see action during the Second World War. It was deployed on July 12, 1944.

Aircraft development began in 1940. A twin engine design was chosen because of the lack of sufficient thrust of single jet engines at the time.

First tests showed that the Frank Whittle W2B jets did not produce enough thrust for flight. Eventually the first Meteor flew with Halford H-1 turbojets on March 5, 1943. Initial production aircraft used Rolls Royce Welland engines.

The first missions of the aircraft were flown against V-1 Doodlebugs. Although the guns of the early aircraft often jammed, they could match the speed of the V-1 and bring it down by wing tipping.

There is only a single mention of a Meteor encountering a Luftwaffe fighter in which neither aircraft scored any hits on the other.

With the Meteor F8, the aircraft acquired more powerful engines, greater fuel capacity, ejection seats, and a sliding canopy.

On Sept. 7, 1946 a Meteor set a world speed record of 615.78 mph.

A total of 2,920 Meteor aircraft of all types were produced in the U.K. An additional 240 aircraft were built under license in Belgium. Of these, some 1,240 were Meteor F8 aircraft.

Meteor F8
Meteor F8 - Schelvis

Pictured above is the Meteor F8 scratch built by Dolf Schelvis. Dolf even built the rc turbine engines. The photo was taken at Cosford 2007.

Pictured immediately below is the Meteor F8 built by Adrian Britton. It has a wingspan of 37". Adrian powers his radio control airplane with a pair of Tower Pro A2409/12T motors driving 8 x 4 pusher props.

The middle picture below is of the Meteor F8 built from a kit for sale by GDB Model Aircraft. It has a 27 1/3" wingspan. GDB recommends a pair of GWS 40 mm fan units.

The bottom picture is of a slope soaring Meteor F8 built by Ron Collins. You can find its plans in the PSS Model Plans Directory. Wingspan is 52". Controls are ailerons and elevator.

Meteor F8
Meteor F8 - Britton

Meteor F8
Meteor F8 - GDB

Meteor F8
Meteor F8 - Collins