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Heinkel He-111Z

Heinkel He-111Z
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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Towing Me-321:
    Towing 2 Go-342:
    Year Deployed:
glider tow
Junkers Jumo
5- V 1,350 hp ea.
47,000 lbs.
53,000 lbs.
53 ft. 10 in.
115 ft. 6 in.
270 mph
137 mph
155 mph
32,500 feet
1,200 miles

The Heinkel He-111Z was a five engine, twin fuselage aircraft of the Luftwaffe, used to tow large cargo gliders.

With the introduction of the Me-321 Gigant heavy cargo glider in 1940 the Luftwaffe had a need for suitable towing aircraft. To solve the need, two existing bombers were joined by sharing their main wing and adding a center section.

In 1941 the first two prototype Heinkel He-111Z (Zwilling - Twin) aircraft were produced, with a fifth engine added to the center section of the wing.

The glider tug was very successful, well liked by its crews, and enjoyed a trouble free career.

A total of 12 Heinkel He-111Z glider tugs were produced, with eight either shot down or destroyed from bombings. The fate of the remaining four is unclear.

Heinkel He-111Z
Heinkel He-111Z

Pictured above is the Heinkel He-111Z from Traplet Publications plans. The Heinkel He-111Z was featured in the March 2001 Electric Flight International magazine. Wingspan is 96". Recommended power can come from five Speed 480 to Speed 600 type geared motors. All up weight is around 14 lbs.

Heinkel He-111Z

The great looking He-111Z is scratch built by Johnr of the Watt Flyer forum. It has a 100" wingspan. Power comes from two AXI 4130/16 motors. It weighs about 15 lbs.

If you are looking for 3-view drawings to help build your Heinkel He-111Z, check out Pic Mosaic.

Heinkel He-111Z

For those who enjoy building, pictured above is the Heinkel He-111Z from Italiari built by Bob Bartolacci. Bob remarked that the wings and drop tanks take some doing to properly mate with their respective parts. However, Bob reports that the decals are very good.

Hasegawa 1/72 Heinkel He-111Z.

Pictured last is the Heinkel He-111Z by Hasegawa. Dave Johnson reviewed it and found 286 sharply detailed pieces which fit together well. Decals are excellent. He remarks that it will not be difficult to build for anyone with prior building experience.

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