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Macchi MC 200 Saetta
Macchi MC 200
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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Machine Guns:
        Max. Speed:
        Initial Climb:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
Fiat radial
870 h.p.
4,180 lbs.
5,710 lbs.
2- 12.7 mm
26 ft. 10 in.
34 ft. 9 in.
312 mph
3,000 fpm
29,000 feet
540 miles

The Macchi MC 200 design originated in 1935. By the time it was deployed in World War II, the aircraft was already being outclassed by more modern fighter aircraft.

The Macchi MC 200 had a good rate of climb and excellent maneuverability. It had self sealing fuel tanks, and was rugged. However, it was under powered and lightly armed, with only a pair of 12.7 mm machine guns.

In addition to the fighter role the Macchi MC 200 served as an reconnaissance aircraft, bomber escort, and ground attack aircraft.

About 156 of the aircraft were in service at the start of the World War II. They were first used against the British over Malta. By the time of the Italian surrender, the aircraft were in use over Greece, Italy, North Africa, and the Soviet Union.

A total of 1,151 Macchi MC 200 aircraft of all types were produced.

Macchi MC 200 Saetta
1.  Nitroplanes Macchi MC 200

1. RC Macchi MC 200 by NitroPlanes. It has a wingspan of 63" and a length of 52". You will need a .91 four stroke engine for power. Ready to fly weight is 7 lbs. The radio control model airplane is very popular and quickly sells out.

2. Warbirds Kits has a rc Macchi MC 200 short kit. It is shown in picture no. 2 and was built from the kit. Wingspan is 34 1/2". Power is by a CD ROM motor. Upon completion it should weigh about 18.5 oz.

3. Macchi MC 200 built from Gus Morfis plans. Wingspan is 35". It needs a .12 to .15 engine.

I.M.P. Scale has plans for a rc Macchi MC 200 for sale. It has a wingspan of 83" with a length of 61". Weight is around 15 lbs.

4. A rc Macchi MC 200 built from RC Store plans. It has a wingspan of 80" with a fuselage length of 60 1/2". Materials used in the construction are balsa and ply. RC Store suggests a 1.08 two cycle engine. Upon completion it should weigh around 13 lbs.

You can find free plans for a Macchi MC 200 with a wingspan of 34 3/4", a weight from 2 to 3 lbs. at www.ultraligero.net/Aeromodelos/S/saetta.pdf.

2. Macchi MC 200 from Warbird Kits.

3. Macchi MC 200 from Gus Morfis Plans.

4. RC Store plans Macchi MC 200.

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