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RC MiG-3
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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Machine Guns:
        Max. Speed:
        Initial Climb:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
Mikulin V-12
1,350 h.p.
5,720 lbs.
7,385 lbs.
1- 12.7mm; 2- 7.6mm
6- 82mm
27' 1"
33' 5"
400 mph
3,900 fpm
39,400 feet
750 miles

RC MiG-3 from Green Air Design.

The rc MiG-3 made from a kit from Green Air Design has a wingspan of 22" and is made from Depron foam. You can power it with a GAD 21g brushless motor. It should weigh around 10 oz. completed.

MiG-3 aircraft were developed by Mikoyan for the role of an interceptor.   They were intended as an improvement over earlier designs.

RC MiG-3 from TDM Models.

The rc MiG-3 from TDM Models has a wingspan of 31" and a length of 26". TDM says that a Mega 16/15/15T motor is good power for it. The weight should be about 20 oz. ready to fly.

The airplane had an updated propeller, a lower drag wing design, more fire power, carried more fuel, and featured improved pilot and vital aircraft parts protection than earlier models.

RC MiG-3 from VQ Warbirds.

VQ Warbirds has a rc MiG-3. Its wingspan is 62" and the fuselage is 45" long. Power can come from .40 to .46 two cycle of .70 four cycle engines. All up weight is around 6 lbs.

Due to the additional weight of its new design features, the airplane was actually lacking in performance when compared with its predecessors. It was better suited to a flight envelope with a minimum altitude of 16,000 feet to achieve maximum performance. However, many of the air encounters over Russia took place at the lower altitudes and it suffered relatively heavy losses.

Marty Hill and his rc MiG-3

The photo just above is of Marty Hill and his rc MiG-3 from a Leading Edge Gliders kit. Wingspan is 46" and length is 32". It is made from EPP and uses elevator and aileron controls. Ready to fly weight is between 34 and 44 ounces.

The airplane was eventually relegated to ground support missions where their pilot and vital aircraft parts protection served them well. Other missions were for high altitude, armed reconnaissance, where their high altitude speed was an advantage.

A total of about 3,420 of all kinds of the airplane were produced.

Windrider has a rc MiG-3. It has a 42" wingspan and is 34" long with a weight of around 43 oz. It features a fiberglass fuselage with balsa over foam wings. Power can come from a Speed 450 size motor.

Manzano Laser Works has a rc MiG-3 they make as a short kit. It has a 45" wingspan and builds to a weight of a little over 3 1/2 lbs.

Guss Morfis has plans for a 33 1/2" wingspan rc MiG-3.

Traplet has plans for a rc MiG-3 slope soarer. The 50" wingspan model is designed by Paul Jansenns. Controls are ailerons, rudder, and elevator. Upon completion it should weigh right around 48 oz.

Warbird Kits.com has a rc MiG-3 designed by Terry Majewski. It comes ready to fly and has a wingspan of 31" and a length of 26". You will need a Speed 600 size motor for power.

Montana Modelworks has a profile model rc MiG-3 kit. It is made from balsawood and has a 38" wingspan. It is 30 1/2" long and can use a geared Speed 400 size motor for power. Weight is under 1 lb.

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