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Mi-24 For Sale
(Mi-24 Radio Control Helicopters For Sale)

Mi-24 Radio Control Helicopters For Sale
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      Primary Function:
      Machine Guns:
      Wing Span:
      Rotor Diameter:
      Weight Empty:
      Max. Weight:
      Cruise Speed:
      Max. Speed:
      Climb Rate:
      Year Deployed:
Isotov TV3-117
2 x 2,200 hp. ea.
1- 12.7 mm
4- 57 mm pods
3,310 lbs.
57 ft. 5 in.
13 ft. 11 in.
21 ft. 3 in.
58 ft.
18,740 lbs.
26,455 lbs.
185 mph
210 mph
2,950 fpm
14,750 feet
625 miles

Mi-24 Radio Control Helicopters For Sale
Mi-24 For Sale

The Mi-24 for sale 600 size fuselage by Skyhunter Hobby features painted high detail including installed tail drive and retracts.

The Mi-24 for sale may best be remembered for when it operated extensively against ground forces during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan where it proved reliable and effective.

In June of 1966 the Mil Helicopter Design Bureau introduced a mock up of a proposed dedicated attack helicopter to become the Mi-24 for sale.

In April of 1967 the Soviet government approved the development of a prototype based on the mock up design. A team at the Mil Design Bureau headed by V.A. Kuznetsov conducted the design work.

In June of 1969, the first of three prototype Mi-24 for sale was completed. It used the concepts exhibited in the mock up, yet bore little physical resemblance to it.

Mi-24 For Sale
Mi-24 For Sale

The great looking Mi-24 for sale built by Eric of Team Motion has a fuselage built by Larry Jolly. Power is by an O.S. .46 engine. Weight is about 9 lbs.

From 1970 through 1973, ten additional Mi-24 for sale prototypes were produced and tested. On January 27, 1973 the first production helicopter was deployed.

During 1975 the helicopter set numerous world helicopter records for altitude, speed, and rate of climb.

Mi-24 For Sale
Mi-24 For Sale

The Mi-24 for sale built as a conversion from a 1:35 scale Trumpeter scale plastic model is by Ken Ryan. It is 19 inches long. Power is by a Hi- max 2015 - 4100 brushless motor for the main rotor and a Feigao brushless motor for the tail rotor.

The Mi-24 for sale is based on the Mi-8. It features two turbo shaft engines powering a 57 foot, five blade, main rotor.

The model D and later models have the well known "double bubble" canopy and tandem cockpit.

Two wings provide six ordnance hard points. The wings provide up to 28% of the lift for the helicopter during forward flight. In slow, steep turns the low wing can lose lift resulting in an excessive roll.

The fuselage of the Mi-24 for sale has heavy armor. The rotor blades are made from titanium and can resist shells up to 12.7 mm.

The cockpit is sealed and pressurized to protect the crew from NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) attack.

The landing gear is retractable.

The Mi-24 for sale is equipped with a targeting system that uses a low-level light TV, a laser designator, FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) radar, a missile guidance transmitter and an air data sensor.

Some export versions have improved avionics, all-weather capabilities, with weather radar, Head Up Display (HUD), autopilot, Global Positioning System (GPS), and carry additional armor and ordnance.

Mi-24 For Sale
Mi-24 For Sale

The Mi-24 for sale from XHeli has a fuselage length is 47 inches and rotor length 50 inches. Engines can be from .32 to .38 and all up weight is around 7 1/2 lbs.

In the Iran Iraq War, the Iraqi's used the Mi-24 for sale extensively.

They were employed by the Army in Nicaragua during their 1980's civil war.

Sri Lanka's air force used the helicopter against Tamil groups.

In Iraq's 1991 invasion of Kuwait the Mi-24 for sale was employed heavily.

During both wars in Chechnya the helicopters were used by Russia. Dozens are believed to have been lost during military operations there.

Most recently Indian Air Force Mi-24 for sale variants have been used by the U. N. for their peace keeping missions.

Mi-24 For Sale
Mi-24 For Sale

The Heliclassics Mi-24 for sale is 102 inches long, 43 inches wide, and 27 1/2 inches high. Retracts are included. Recommended is a GHP 70 turbine engine. It has a 98 inch rotor and weighs about 50 lbs.

Mi-24 For Sale
Mi-24 For Sale

The Mi-24 for sale fuselage in a 450 size from A2pro, available from Trade Age, length is 28 inches with a 29 1/2 inch rotor. Weight is 35 oz.

Scalecopter has kit of the Mi-24 for sale. Length is 91 inches and weight is about 43 lbs. Power is by a Jet Cat P HT3 engine modified to fit in the narrow fuselage.

Darth's Heli Boeies has a fuselage for the Mi-24 for sale in a 450 size. Weight is 7 oz.

Daniel Rodriguez (zhyre@yahoo.com) writes:
"You can access the internet page scalecopter.de which is a German page.

The page is in German, but you can contact Herr Zander in English. He has a nice Mi-24 for sale which its size is 91 in.

Could you do me a favor? If you can get the Mi-24 for sale, could you let me know if you experience any difficulty with the customs for bringing it into the U.S.A.?"

If anyone has brought a Mi-24 for sale by Scalecopter into the U.S.A., please reply to Daniel. Thank you.

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