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Morane Saulnier N

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Type N Specifications

    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Machine Guns:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
Le Rhone
110 hp
635 lbs.
980 lbs.
1- 7.7 mm
22 ft.
27 ft. 3 in.
100 mph
820 fpm
13,000 feet
140 miles

The mid wing Morane Saulnier N monoplane was piloted by famed French aviator Roland Garros for its very first flight on July 22, 1914. It went on to become the first French fighter aircraft used by the Royal Flying Corps.

The Morane Saulnier N was called the "Bullet" by the Royal Flying Corps.  They started flying the aircraft due to there not being enough British fighter and scout aircraft built at the time. In addition to the British, the Russians and French also flew the aircraft.

Originally equipped with a large propeller spinner for better streamlining, it was soon removed. This was to facilitate engine cooling that was being blocked by the large spinner. Aircraft speed was not adversely affected by its removal.

A single fixed machine gun, firing forward through the propeller arc was standard armament on the Morane Saulnier. The propeller did not have a gear to synchronize the firing to avoid bullets hitting it, so its blades were equipped with deflectors. This meant that bullets were often deflected back to the pilot. After a while, due to the bullets hitting the propeller, it had a tendency to shatter, and engine mounts became loose with engines detaching from them.

Morane Saulnier aircraft had rather hard to manipulate controls that turned the aircraft by wing warping. Although they didn't have any significant negative handling characteristics while in the air, they did have a relatively high landing speed. This was a problem for some pilots. The aircraft did not have the climb rate, speed, or maneuverability to match the best German aircraft of the time.

The earlier production Type L aircraft with a parasol wing was the first French fighter produced. It also had a machine gun firing through the arc of its propeller that was fitted with deflector blades. In addition to the French, the Type L served with the British Flying Corps. and their Navy, plus with the Russians. Approximately 600 Type L aircraft were produced.

By March of 1917 a heavier, more powerful parasol wing Type A-1 fighter aircraft was introduced. It had a 160 hp engine. The A-1 featured a pair of machine guns which were synchronized for firing through the propeller arc.

The type A-1 was deployed for three months when weakness in the fuselage structure and unreliable engines forced them to be grounded. Although some refurbished A-1 aircraft were used as trainers, these aircraft would never be deployed in combat again.

A total of over 1,200 Morane Saulnier aircraft of all models were produced before World War I ended.

Morane Saulnier N
Morane Saulnier N - Rake

Pictured above is the Morane Saulnier N built by Peter Rake. It has a wingspan of 30". A GWS motor powers it.

The first picture below is the Morane Saulnier N sea plane from Macca's Vintage Aerodrome. It has a wingspan of 71" and a length of 54". To power it you will need from .60 to .90 two cycle or .90 to 1.20 four cycle engines. All up weight is around 9 lbs.

The second picture below is of Rich Wadrop and his scratch built Morane Saulnier N in 1/5 scale. It is powered by a OS .46 FS engine.

The final picture on this page is of the Morane Saulnier N built from plans for sale from Flying Scale Models. It is 1/3 scale with a wingspan of 108". You will need from 28 to 38 cc engines for power.

Morane Saulnier N
Morane Saulnier N - Maccas Vintage

Morane Saulnier N
Morane Saulnier N - Wadrop

Morane Saulnier N
Morane Saulnier N - Flying Scale Models

Dare Design has a Morane Saulnier N. It has a wingspan of 56" and a length of 34".

Free RC Plans shows plans for a Morane Saulnier N on their website.

Peter Rake has plans for Morane Saulnier N. It has a 46" wingspan. Power can come from a Speed 400 type motor geared 2.33:1. Weight will be about 22 ounces.

Balsa USA has a Morane Saulnier N. It has a wingspan of 103" and a length of 68".  You will need from 40 to 60 cc engines to power it.  Upon completion it should weigh between 25 and 30 lbs.

Aerodrome has two Morane Saulnier N radio control airplanes. Wingspans are 36" and 72". They are available as short kits or plans.

Kit Cutters has kit or plans of their Morane Saulnier N. To power it you will need a Speed 400 size motor.

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