AS532 Cougar

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Primary Function:
Rotor Diameter:
Weight Empty:
Max. Weight:
Cruise Speed:
Max. Speed:
Initial Climb:
First Flight:
Year Deployed:
Makila 1A1
2 x 1,875 h.p. ea.
50 ft. 11 in.
16 ft. 2 in.
51 ft. 2 in.
9,526 lbs.
19,840 lbs.
148 mph
162 mph
1,378 fpm
11,320 feet
383 miles

The AS532 Cougar, formerly Super Puma, is a medium size, powerful helicopter, used in both civilian and military applications. It is available in a standard and stretched version that is 28 inches longer.  The helicopter was marketed by Eurocopter.  It is now marketed by Airbus Helicopters under the designation H215M.

The  large fuselage of the AS532 Cougar can carry up to 24 passengers in its long cabin as a transport. There are currently over 50 VIP transports in service. Passengers appreciate its long range, low noise and vibration levels, relatively high speeds, and large windows.

The AS532 Cougar can also hold up to 6 stretchers or 11 seated casualties when used as a medical transport. For search and rescue missions the helicopter is equipped with a rescue hoist from its starboard passenger door. A cargo hook under the belly of the helicopter has a capacity of 9,900 lbs.

The navalized version of the AS532 Cougar can be equipped with anti-submarine torpedoes and depth charges, or Exocet missiles to use against surface targets. A search radar in its nose and dipping radar amid ships is used to detect enemy vessels and submarines. Fuselages are corrosion resistant.

The battlefield AS532 Cougar is used as a transport, for reconnaissance, surveillance, and search and rescue. Their rotor blades have been built to withstand an additional 40 hours of flight after being hit by 12.7 mm. shells.


AS532 Cougar

AS532 Cougar

Search and rescue AS532 Cougar helicopters have an additional search radar, a navigation computer, and flotation gear for emergency water landings.  The AS-532 Cougar can also carry a 700 gallon capacity bucket for use as a water bomber.

Infrared suppressing engine exhausts and a gearbox that can operate for up to sixty minutes without oil pressure contribute to the battlefield readiness of the AS532 Cougar. The forward windshield is anti-icing equipped. The helicopter has dual controls with reinforced flight and cabin decks. A grill on the engine intake protects it against the ingestion of foreign particles. The composite main and tail rotors of the helicopter have available optional de-icing.

Various versions of the AS532 Cougar are in use by countries around the world. Over 430 of the helicopters have been produced to date with about half going to military users.


AS-532 Cougar

RC AS532 Cougar

For the RC modeler, the most noticeable difference between the RC AS532 Cougar and earlier versions of the RC helicopter is its tail ventral fin. So if you want to model another version, just leave off the fin.  

The RC AS532 Cougar fuselage from Baumann is 1/8 scale and available in two models. The shorter fuselage is 67 in. long, with the longer one being 71 in. long. Both are 15.5 in. high and 9.5 in. wide and weigh around 14 lbs.

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