Avia B 534

 Avia B534Avia B 534


Primary Function:
Weight Empty:
Max. Weight:
Machine Guns:
Cruise Speed:
Max. Speed:
Climb Rate:
First Flight:
Year Deployed:
Hispano Suiza
850 h.p.
3,330 lbs.
4,675 lbs.
4- 7.7 mm
26 ft. 11 in.
30 ft. 10 in.
172 mph
245 mph
2,950 fpm
35,000 feet
250 miles



The Avia B 534 Czech fighter’s nose was streamlined because it used an in-line engine instead of a radial. If you can picture it without the top wing, it is easy to see the lines of a classic World War II fighter aircraft.

One of the most advanced fighter aircraft of its time, the Avia B 534 had steel wings and a fuselage comprised of steel tubes covered with metal plates. The aircraft exhibited excellent speed, was very maneuverable, had a good rate of climb, and had superior armament. Blisters on each side of the fuselage housed the four machine guns. Many consider the aircraft one of the best ever biplane fighters.

Over 300 Avia B 534 biplane fighters were deployed at the time of the 1938 Munich Crisis. The aircraft saw action during World War II when Germany occupied Czechoslovakia. The Germans used them to fight the Soviets beginning in July of 1941. The Luftwaffe eventually deployed a squadron of Avia B 534 fighters. However they had limited success against faster, more modern aircraft. They were then retired from front line service to serve as target towing aircraft.

A total of 445 Avia B 534 aircraft were produced.

Avia B534RC Avia B 534

We are surprised not to find more RC Avia B 534 airplanes being modeled. With excellent looks, and a long nose moment, something not found in radial engine biplanes, this should make an excellent radio control airplane.

The picture immediately above is of an Avia B 534. Unfortunately we do not know who built it. If you can provide that information, we would appreciate it. The Avia B 534 has a wingspan of 51″. Fuselage length is 44 1/2″. Powering it is a MVVS engine turning a 14 x 7 prop.

The first picture below is of an Avia B 534 from HPH Ltd. It is 1/32 scale.

The next picture is a 1/48 scale Avia B 534. It is produced by Edward Model Accessories.

The bottom picture on this page is of the 1/72 scale Avia B 534 from KP Plastikovy.

Avia B534Avia B 534 – HPH Ltd


Avia B534Avia B 534 – Edward Model


Avia B534Avia B 534 – KP Plastikovy


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  1. I have seen your Avia B.534 web page. As it asked for more Avia B.534 I can provide you two projects going on in Slovenia (not Slovakia). I am building an Avia B.534 with a 1600 mm (63″) wingspan and my friend Aleksander is building an Avia B.534 with a 1300 mm (51″) wingspan. I have another Avia B.534 project in “ready to cover” phase.

    Here are the links to build threads:
    My project (Milos Pozar): forum.modelarji.com/viewtopic.php?t=2828&highlight=avia
    My Friend’s (Aleksander Balic) project: forum.modelarji.com/viewtopic.php?t=7959&highlight=avia

    If you are interested in Avia B.534 projects, let me know. Best regards from the sunny side of the Alps

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