Bell 222

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Primary Function:
Rotor Diameter:
Weight Empty:
Max. Weight:
Cruise Speed:
Max. Speed:
Initial Climb:
First Flight:
Year Deployed:
one or two
2 x 620 h.p. ea.
42 ft. 2 in.
11 ft. 8 in.
40 ft.
4,850 lbs.
7,832 lbs.
132 mph
155 mph
1,300 fpm
12,800 feet
370 miles

Bell 222
Bell 222
The sleek Bell 222 was America's first light twin engine helicopter. Its good speed, reliability, and steady flight have made it a favorite helicopter for law enforcement, the off-shore petroleum industry, and as a medical and executive transport.
The Bell 222 is equipped with skids or retractable landing gear. The nose fairing is hinged to allow access to its weather radar. It can be flown in instrument conditions by a single pilot and accommodate up to eight passengers along with up to 37 cubic feet of cargo. For operation over water, the helicopter is equipped with an emergency flotation system. Auxiliary fuel tanks can be fitted for additional range.

Although primarily sold for civilian use, Albania and Chile used the Bell 222 briefly in their military operations.

An upgraded version of the Bell 222 with more powerful engines, the model 230 first flew in 1983. Production ceased in 1995 after a total of 199 model Bell 222 and 38 model 230 helicopters were produced.

Bell 222Bell 222

The Heli Hobby Bell 222 body kit is made from plastic and has a two piece body and two piece tail cover. It is made to fit T-Rex, Zoom, Shogun and similar sizes.

Darth's Heli Bodies fuselage for the Bell 222 is made from styrene.  It is for LMH, Micro K2 and Axe CP.

The Vario fuselage of the Bell 222 fits Sky Fox mechanics and uses a 59 in. rotor. The ten piece kit builds to a fuselage that is 58 in. long and 17 in. wide.

Fun-key's Bell 222 fuselage uses .20 to .39 mechanics. It is 46 1/2 in. long and 9 in. high. Rotor diameter is 44 in. A larger fuselage for the Bell 222 For Sale uses .50 size mechanics. It is 53 in. long, 10 1/2 in. high and uses 47 in. diameter rotors.

The Skyhunter Hobby Bell 222 fuselage uses .30 to .46 mechanics. It is 1/10 scale with a 46 1/2 in. length and a 14 1/2 in. width.  They also have a fuselage for the Bell 222 that uses .60 to .90 size mechanics. It has a 56 in. length with a 17 3/4 in. width.

Hirobo's Bell 222 fuselage comes in a .50 size. It has retractable L/G. Length is 50 3/4 in., width is 18 1/2 in. and height is 16 in. Weight is around 42 oz.

Hirobo also has a Bell 222 with XRB mechanics that 14 in. long, 6 in. high, and has a 14 in. rotor. Motor is a 180 geared 9.857:1. Weight is about 7 oz. Included is a flight battery and a charger.

Modelltechnik has two versions of the Bell 222. One comes with skids and the other with retractable landing gear. Length is 41 in., and height 11 1/2 in. A Hacker B50-195 motor powers the 4 3/4 lb. RC helicopter.

The Ikarus Bell 222 fuselage is made to fit Piccolo helicopters and has retracts.

Fusuno's Bell 222 fuselage is made from glass fiber and made for T-Rex 450. It measures 27 in. long, 5 1/2 in. high, and comes with retracts.

For those of you who like the larger Bell 222, Heli Hobby has a .60 size fuselage. Its dimensions are 56 in. long, 18 in. high, and 11 in. wide. All up weight is around 12 lbs.

The RC World Bell 222 fuselage fits 400 and 450 size mechanics. It includes retractable l/g, is 27 in. long and 6 in high.

X-Wind's Bell 222  comes ready to fly. It has co-axial 13 in. rotors and weighs around 8 oz.

High Fly Toys three channel Bell 222 is co-axial powered with 12 in. diameter rotors. It is also easier for beginners to learn to fly. Electric motors provide smooth throttle response, yet plenty of power.

Syma's micro Bell 222 has co-axial rotors and three channel radio control. Length is just about 7 in.

Colco's four channel Bell 222 comes with 13 in. rotors and is 16 in. long.

Esky has a Bell 222. Its rotor has a diameter of 29 in. Included is a 3800 kV motor, radio, batteries, and charger.