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Blue Angels

The Blue Angels originated when Admiral Chester Nimitz proposed a service flight team to promote public interest in the U.S. Navy, and naval aviation. The team performed for the first time on June 14, 1946.

Today, the air team, stationed out of Pensacola, Florida, enjoy world-wide popularity.


RC Blue Angel

The RC Blue Angel from Combat Models has a wingspan of 45" and a length of 67". You can use YS .45 or JETT 50 engines. All up weight is between 7 and 8 lbs.

Hobby King's RC Blue Angel hs a wingspan of 27" and is 40 1/2" long. It comes as an ARF including five servos, motor, controller, and 64 mm ducted fan. All up weight is about 22.5 oz.

The G&C Hobby RV Blue Angel is ready to fly with included radio, brushless motor turning a 70 mm fan unit, and flight battery. Wingspan is 28" and length is 43".

The RC Blue Angel from Hobby Zone's wingspan is 47", with a length of 61 1/2". Retracts are included. It uses a propeller up front turned by from .61 to .91 two stroke or .91 to 1.20 four stroke engines. All up weight is about 8 1/2 lbs.

The Skymaster RC Blue Angel has a length of 85" and a wingspan of 65". Recommended is turbine power with thrust from 20 to 35 lbs. All up weight is around 23 lbs.

This Starmax RC Blue Angel has a wingspan of 31" and length of 45 1/2". It comes with a 70 mm DF unit and weighs about 30 oz. ready to fly. A 2836 motor is recommended for power.

Starmax has a number of other RC Blue Angele airplanes which they manufacture.

Starmax makes a RC Blue Angel with a 24" wingspan, a 33" length, with a 64 mm EDF and motor.

Another RC Blue Angel from Starmax has a diminutive wingspan of only 18" and length of 27". Included is a motor turning a 55 mm EDF.

A RC Blue Angel by Starmax has a 31" wingspan and 45 1/2" length. It comes complete with radio, motor, controller, 70 mm EDF, flight battery and charger. Weight is about 30 oz.

The final RC Blue Angel we know of from Starmax has a 41" wingspan. Its weight is about 23 oz. ready to fly. Included is a motor turning a 64 mm EDF.

The RC Blue Angel from Amax has a 27" wingspan and is 38 1/2" long with an all up weight of 20 oz.  Included is a motor, radio, and flight battery.

The RC Blue Angel from Jet Legend is also available as a kit. The wingspan is 63" and length is 86". Weight is about 24 lbs. You will need from 15 to 33 lbs. of turbine thrust for power.