Boeing 787

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Primary Function:
US$ Cost:
Wing span:
Weight Empty:
Max. Weight:
Fuel Capacity:
Cruise speed:
Max. speed:
Climb rate:
First flight:
$224 - 306 million
2 x  GE or RR
64,000 lbs. ea.
186 feet
197 feet
up to 330
242,000 lbs.
484,000 lbs.
33,528 gals.
560 mph
587 mph
2,500 fpm (est.)
43,000 feet
9,400 miles

Boeing 787

Boeing 787

We are told that the Boeing 787 is the most "green" commercial air transport in the world. The aircraft has been named "Dreamliner".

Modern compression technology makes the engines approximately 20 percent more efficient, with less hydrocarbon pollution, than those on the aircraft it will eventually replace.

Boeing 787 aircraft using Rolls Royce engines have experienced cracks in the blades of the intermediate pressure compressor rotor. In a statement released on May 31, 2018, Chris Cholerton, Rolls-Royce civil aerospace president said: “We fully recognize the unacceptable levels of disruption our customers are facing. We are intensely focused on minimizing this and we have set our teams the challenge of doing everything we can to recover our customers’ operations as swiftly as possible.”

At this time several Boeing 787 aircraft operators have totally stopped using the aircraft. Government aircraft regulators have issued directives reducing the maximum range clearances for Boeing 787 aircraft equipped with Rolls Royce engines which are still flying.

Rolls Royce is hoping to develop new engine blades that fix the problem by the end of 2018.

Another reason the 787 is environmentally friendly is that over half of the construction materials used in the fuselage are made up of light weight, yet strong carbon graphite, secured with epoxy. In comparison, other modern airliners have fuselages with about 10% composites.

The wings of the Boeing 787 feature an ultra high aspect ratio making them more efficient at higher speeds, while flaperons enable them to produce more lift than the wings of other commercial airliners.

Another creature comfort of the Boeing 787 is that a higher humidity level can be maintained in the cabin, alleviating dehydration. Aircraft built with more corrosive materials in their fuselages have to keep their humidity at very low levels.

To date some 636 Boeing 787 aircraft have been produced.

Boeing 787

Boeing 787

Pictured above is the Boeing 787 from Windrider. It is available as a slope soarer, but 70 mm EDF units can be added to it. Wingspan is 65", length is 61" and weight without motors is around 28 oz.

The Boeing 787 by Skyhunter Hobby has a 65" wingspan with a length of 62".

The Boeing 787 by E-flite has a wingspan of 55", and length of 57". Recommended are two BL 400 motors and controllers. DF units are included.

EDF Model has a rc Boeing 787 kit. It is 6.2 feet long and has a 6.5 foot wingspan. For power is uses a pair of Typhoon 600-33 motors driving Midi Fans. It is designed for Robart 600 retracts in front and Robard 602 retracts for the main landing gear. All up weight is 9.2 lbs.

RC Aerodyne has a Boeing 787 with a 65" wingspan. You will need to add your motors and 70 mm EDF's. Decals for Quantas markings are sold separately.