Brantly Helicopter
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Primary Function:
Rotor Diameter:
Weight Empty:
Max. Weight:
Cruise Speed:
Max. Speed:
Climb Rate:
First Flight:
Year Deployed:
Lycoming piston
180 h.p.
31 gals.
21 ft. 1 in.
6 ft. 11 in.
23 ft. 9 in.
1,020 lbs.
1,670 lbs.
90 mph
100 mph
1,400 fpm
6,000 feet
200 miles

The current Brantly Helicopter, officially the Brantly B2B, is manufactured in China and marketed by the Brantly International, based in Coppell, Texas. It was designed by Newby O. Brantly.

The original Brantly Helicopter had complex co axial rotors and was not well received by the public. When Brantly switched to a conventional rotor system the helicopter started selling.

Through the years the Brantly Helicopter continued to receive upgrades. A new cabin roof gave improved visibility, and new engines, with fuel injection, improved performance.

Each of the three main rotor blades of the Brantly Helicopter is in two sections. The outboard sections are removable to permit storage in small spaces. The inboard rotor sections have a steel leading edge.

The Brantly Helicopter holds two people in its cabin. There is a compartment behind the cockpit that can hold up to 50 lbs. Most helicopters operate with ground handling wheels on skids, although skis or floats have been fitted to the helicopter.

The Brantly Helicopter fuselage is made from all metal stressed skin. There is a protective loop extending from the tail skid for the tail rotor.

Over 400 Brantly Helicopter models of all types have been produced to date. As of this writing, at the Brantly Helicopter website it states that none are currently available.