Cessna 182


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Primary Function:
Weight Empty:
Max. Weight:
Cruise Speed:
Max. Speed:
Climb Rate:
First Flight:
Lycoming IO-540
230 h.p.
29 ft.
36 ft.
1,970 lbs.
3,100 lbs.
92 U.S. gals.
1,140 lbs.
155 mph
172 mph
925 fpm
18,100 feet
990 miles

Cessna 182

Cessna 182

The Cessna 182 started out as a tail dragger that changed to a tricycle landing gear configuration. It is known for being an excellent value, its relatively high performance, being stable and easy to fly, uncomplicated, dependable, requiring low maintenance, and having a low overall cost of ownership.

Since 1956 the Cessna 182 has undergone a number of improvements. The wings and tail of the aircraft were strengthened and its tail became swept back. Its landing gear was shortened and strengthened, additional windows were added on each side, the rear window was made larger and wrapped around, and the cowling improved for better engine cooling.

In 1977 the Cessna 182 received optional retractable landing gear, and in 1979 a turbocharger became available for its engine. The turbocharger made it possible for the engine to deliver its full power potential to the aircraft's maximum altitude. A Cessna 182 with both options can fly about 40 mph faster than the standard aircraft can at altitude.

Production of the Cessna 182 ended in 1985 due to possible costly financial conflicts arising from U.S. liability laws. Production resumed in 1996 after the laws were amended.

The Cessna 182, reintroduced in April of 1997, featured a new engine, upgraded avionics, and a revised interior with leather covered seating. A turbocharged engine option was not made available again until 2001.

In 2004 the Cessna 182 introduced all glass instrumentation as standard equipment.

A total of some 23,250 Cessna 182 aircraft have been built to date.

Cessna 182 Top Flite

Cessna 182

The Cessna 182 from Top Flite is an ARF with all wood construction.  Its wingspan is 81 in. and length 64 in.  Included are landing lights, nav. lights, and flaps.  Engines can be from .60 to .91 two cycle or .91 to 1.20 four cycle.  Recommended motor is a Rimfire 120.  Weight is about 12 lbs.

FMS has a Cessna 182 PNP with a 55 1/2 in. wingspan that is 43 in. long.  Included are nav. lights, flaps, and a 3536 - 860 kV motor.  All up weight should be around 53 oz.

E-flite's Cessna 182 is BNF.  Wingspan is 25 in. and length is 20 in.  It comes with a 180 - 2500 kV motor and weighs in a 4.6 oz..