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  B-314 M-130
Primary Function
five to eight
P & W R2600
P & W R1830
4 x 1,600 ea.
4 x 950 ea.
Weight Empty
50,268 lbs.
25,124 lbs.
Max. Weight
82,500 lbs.
52,250 lbs.
10,500 lbs.
4,200 gals.
3,800 gals.
106′ 0″
90′ 11″
152′ 0″
130′ 0″
Cruise Speed
188 mph
163 mph
Max. Speed
210 mph
180 mph
Climb Rate
565 fpm
19,600 feet
18,700 feet
3,685 miles
3,200 miles
First Flight
Year Deployed

China Clipper Overview:
The China Clipper Martin M-130 entered commercial service in 1936 with the Boeing 314 following in 1939. Pan American Airlines christened them “China Clipper.” They departed San Francisco to destinations in Guam, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Midway, and the Philippines. Later in 1939 the China Clippers Boeing 314 entered trans-Atlantic service flying from the United States east coast out of N.Y to destinations in France and Portugal.
China Clipper Development:

In 1931 Pan American Airways put out a request for large, luxurious trans-oceanic seaplanes.In 1933 both Martin and Sikorsky had their proposals accepted by Pan American.

In July 1933, Pan Am selected the Martin M-130 for its China Clipper trans-Pacific service.

The new aircraft were designated “China Clipper,” by Pan American Airways. They were named “China,” “Hawaii,” and “Philippines.” The first commercial flights were made by the China Clipper and this was to become what the public perceived as all of these type airplanes.

In June of 1936, Pan Am requested even larger aircraft for their China Clipper. Although Martin did produce somewhat larger models in response to the request by Pan Am, Boeing produced much larger ones.

On July 21, 1936 Pan Am ordered six Boeing B-314 aircraft as China Clipper for US$4.8 million, with an option for six more.

In April of 1937 the China Clipper M-130 made the first scheduled flight to Hong Kong.

All three Martin M-130 China Clipper aircraft eventually ended their careers in crashes.

On June 7, 1938 the China Clipper Boeing 314 flew for the first time.

On October 1, 1939 Pan Am ordered six upgraded B-314A aircraft for their China Clipper.

In 1951 the last of the Boeing 314 China Clipper retired from service.

China Clippers Trivia:

December 6, 1935 – The Martin M-130 China Clipper completed the first Pacific airmail flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong. It took off on Nov. 22nd.

Nov. 4, 1936 – The China Clipper Martin M-130 Hawaii landed in San Francisco after completing the first commercial scheduled service between the U.S. and the Philippines. It departed on Oct. 21st.

Feb. 23, 1939 – A China Clpper Boeing B-314 flew from San Francisco to Hong Kong for the first time.

In 1942 Pan Am China Clipper aircraft flew from the U.S. to Europe 1,219 times carrying over 1.5 million tons of cargo to support the Allied War effort.

Jan. 12, 1943 – A Pan American China Clipper Boeing 314 transported United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the Allies Conference at Casablanca, Morocco.

China Clipper-Boeing 314

China Clipper – Boeing 314


RC China Clipper – Martin M-130

Pictured above is the RC China Clipper Martin M-130 scratch built by Dan Dewey. It has a wingspan of 156” and weighs about 30 lbs. Dan powers it with four Hacker A50-12 motors.


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  1. You can find plans for the China Clipper at the AMA site plans section. The RC M-130 is listed under “China Clipper”. Specs. are – 74 inch wingspan, 4 ch, 3 sheets, 4- .10 cu. inch engines, plan No. 00426

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