Chinook Helicopter

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Primary Function:
Rotor Diameter:
Weight Empty:
Cruise Speed:
Max. Speed:
Initial Climb:
Year Deployed:
55 troops
24,000 lbs.
98 ft. 10 in.
18 ft. 11 in.
60 ft.
24,600 lbs.
50,000 lbs.
Honeywell T55
2 x 4,870 hp. ea.
180 mph
198 mph
1,600 fpm
18,000 feet
450 miles

Chinook Helicopter

Chinook Helicopter

The Chinook helicopter, produced by Boeing, has been a mainstay utility helicopter for the U.S. Army, U.S. National Guard, and United States allies around the world since its introduction in 1962. In addition to Boeing, the Chinook helicopter is being built under license by Agusta Westland.

The helicopter is relatively fast, with a maximum speed of close to 200 mph. It can handle up to 55 troops and 24,000 lbs. of cargo, either internally or carried under its fuselage on cargo hooks.

Both engines of the helicopter are located in the aft fuselage. In the event of an engine failure, a single engine can drive both rotors.

The Chinook helicopter is equipped with defensive incoming missile warning systems, can use chaff, flares and infrared jamming to confuse enemy missile homing systems, and has an extended probe for in flight refueling. Thirty caliber machine guns can be mounted on the loading ramp and in its doors.

The Chinook helicopter is all weather capable, has a ground following radar system and infrared sensors. Latest avionics include a Rockwell Collins design cockpit combining, streamlining and simplifying subsystems for navigation, mission planning and communications, plus a BAE advanced fly by wire system.

The Chinook helicopter has served in Vietnam, the first Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Iraq. It saw action for Argentina during the Falkland Islands conflict.

Civilian versions of the Chinook helicopter are used around the world for oil exploration, forestry, as water dropping air tankers, for heavy lifting, as executive helicopters, in construction and for oil rig transportation.

In addition to the United States, the Chinook helicopter is being flown in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, India, the Netherlands and Singapore. In April of 2018 it was announced that Spain had placed an order for 17 Chinook helicopters.

Over 1,200 Chinook helicopter models of all types have been produced to date.

Chinook helicopter - Vario

Chinook Helicopter

The Chinook helicopter GPR fuselage kit from Vario includes all mechanics and landing gear.  Recommended is a Pyro 850-24L motor.  Fuselage length is 56 in. with two rotors of 61 in. each.  Fuselage width is 14 in. and all up weight is about 23 lbs.

A Chinook helicopter from XHeli has a length of 22 1/2 inches. It has rotors that are 17 3/4 inches in diameter. Powering it are four 370 SH motors. The all up weight is 27 oz. Included is a radio and all batteries needed.

The Chinook helicopter kit by Hirobo builds to 37 1/2 in. long and 16 in. high. Rotors are 43 in. It comes with a gyro and swash plate mixer controls. You will need a geared .50 engine for power.