Eurocopter AS355

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US$ Cost:
Primary Function:
Weight Empty:
Max. Weight:
Fuel Capacity:
Rotor Diameter:
Cruise Speed:
Vne Speed:
Initial Climb:
First Flight:
Year Deployed:
$3 - $3.8 million (VFR - IFR)
5 + 1 pilot
Allison turboshafts
420 shp ea.
2,880  lbs.
5,730 lbs.
193 gals.
20 mm in a pod
2 light homing
42 ft. 6 in.
10' 4"
35 ft. 1 in.
140 mph
172 mph
1,900 fpm
13,100 feet
440 miles


The Eurocopter, now Airbus AS355, known as the Twin Star, is one of the world's best selling, most versatile helicopters. It is small and was designed to be relatively inexpensive to purchase, and easy to operate with, low overall maintenance expenses. It can be equipped with numerous choices of flight instruments, avionics, and optional equipment.

The AS355 is used by oil companies as an air taxi, for search and rescue, for police patrol, television coverage, cable observation and repair, military scouting, reconnaissance, and light attack when equipped with a 20 mm cannon pod and pylon mounted rockets.

A naval version of the AS355 is equipped with a chin mounted search radar and can be armed with light weight homing torpedoes. Police versions of the helicopter are usually equipped with a night sun searchlight under their center section.

The Eurocopter AS355 has the best safety record in its class. Its twin engine design is much appreciated for the extra margin of safety provided by a second engine. The three main rotor blades are made from a fiberglass composite material for long life and light weight. Their leading edges have a steel covering for extra strength. The rotor system uses a maintenance-free rubber ball joint rather than hinges for each rotor.

The AS355 has been exported to some 19 countries around the world. Over 800 of the helicopters were built before production ended in 2016.