Primary Function:
Flight Cost:
Weight Empty:
Max. Weight:
Cruise Speed:
Max. Speed:
Climb Rate:
Year Deployed:
US$85 million
US$41,921 per hour
one or two
Pratt & Whitney
2 x 29,000 lbs. ea.
31,634 lbs.
81,000 lbs.
24,000 lbs.
1- 20 mm
63' 9"
42' 10"
570 mph
1,875 mph
50,000 fpm
65,000 feet
3,450 miles
1988 (model E)



Although the F-15, called the Eagle and now produced by Boeing, first flew in 1972, it remains among the highest speed, fastest accelerating, most maneuverable aircraft in the world today.  It can fly missions day and night, and in virtually all weather conditions.

The F-15 can perform both as a fighter and bomber. It has the range, performance, and avionics to achieve penetration of enemy systems and overcome threats from the ground or air.

A high power to weight ratio and a computerized engine control system enable the F-15 to achieve a long range, excellent acceleration, plus a high top speed. The aircraft has a relatively low wing loading, enabling excellent maneuverability and slow speed performance.

The twin seat version of the F-15 has enhanced all-weather and deep interdiction mission capabilities. Avionics include four display screens that include radar, electronic warfare, infrared sensing, all around ground to air threat assessment, target selection, and a moving navigation map.

The model E "Strike Eagle" is crewed by the pilot and a WSO (Weapons Systems Officer) in the back seat. It can carry some 24,000 lbs. of ordnance. Its missions may include strategic strike and interdiction.

The radar and navigation systems provide the crew information for ground hugging to high altitude missions. The radar provides information on the range, altitude, and airspeed of aircraft at ranges exceeding 100 miles.

The F-15 pilot and WSO are able to monitor numerous displays which are accessible while enabling the pilot to keep his hands on the controls of the aircraft during demanding flying conditions.

The F-15 model E has acceleration that is 40% better than prior models due to updated digital engine systems. Its engines can go from idle to maximum afterburner in less than four seconds, yet their fuel use has decreased by about six percent.

The airframe of the model E is capable of maneuvering at plus or minus nine times the force of gravity. This can be of lifesaving value during maneuvers such as evading incoming missiles.

The flight control system of the F-15 allows it to fly at speeds ranging from just above stall to supersonic maximums while providing complete control.

The F-15 is exported throughout the world. Its first action in combat came with the Israeli Air Force when F-15 aircraft downed Syrian jet fighters in 1977.   Israeli aircraft had additional victories over Syrian jets in 1982.

U.S. F-15 aircraft first saw action when they downed some 36 Iraqi aircraft during the Gulf War, and four Serbian jets in 1999 during the Balkans conflict.

On Dec. 22, 2017:  It was announced that Boeing will sell 36 F-15 aircraft to Qatar for some US$12 billion with deliveries to be completed by 2022.

Feb. 23, 2018: It was announced today that the sale of 36 F-15 aircraft to Qatar will include “an advanced cockpit system with a large format display” and a new stronger internal wing structure. Boeing said that the upgrade is available to the U.S. Air Force and international customers if they wish to extend the service life of their existing F-15 fleets.

Oct. 4, 2018:  It was announced that Qatar has contracted with Boeing for US$30 million for F-15 pilot training.

Nov. 22, 2018: Israel confirmed it will contract with Boeing to purchase the newest F-15IA in squadron strength. The aircraft will be equipped with the Raytheon AN/APG-63(V)3 AESA radar in addition to having long range infrared search and track capability. For enhanced stealth, its ordnance will be able to be carried internally and it will be painted with radar-absorbing materials.

Feb. 25, 2019:  It was announced today that F-15 aircraft will be equipped with the Passive Active Warning Survivability System (EPAWSS). The system will better allow the aircraft to "detect and identify air and ground threats, employ counter-measures, and jam enemy radar signals" using fully integrated radar warning, geo-location, situational awareness, and self-protection solutions.

April 9, 2019: F-15 aircraft will be receiving upgrades to its ADCP II, Suite 9, electronic warfare computer from Boeing in the amount of US$91.3 million. The computer is said to be able to execute over 87 billion instructions in a second, and, according to Boeing, “is the world's fastest flight mission computer”. Work is to be completed by December 28, 2021.

June 6, 2019: The F-15 fleet will be receiving upgraded Mode 5 capable IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) units with upgraded anti-jam interrogation and reply encryption. All upgrades should be finished by December of 2021.

Aug. 30, 2019:  Qatar contracts with Boeing for US$500 million for  F-15 aircrew and maintenance training to be completed by Aug. of 2020

Nov. 7, 2019:  The U.S. Defense Logistics Agency Aviation awarded Aptiv Services 3 US LLC, Irvine, California US$28,370,372 for "F-15 aircraft electrical special purpose cable assemblies".  Nov. 5, 2024 is the anticipated completion date.

To date about 2,000 F-15 aircraft in all versions have been produced.

F-15 Skymaster Jet

RC F-15

The RC F-15 from Skymaster Jet has a 56 in. wingspan and an 81 1/2 in. length.  It includes flaps and retracts.  You will need a jet turbine engine with from 15 to 28 lbs. of thrust to power it.

Freewing has a RC F-15 with a 38 in. wingspan that is 57 in long.  Included is a 4608 - 1680 kV motor turning a 90 mm fan unit, retracts and nav lights.  Weight is about 6 3/4 lbs.

EC Hobby's RC F-15 comes ready to fly including a radio, flight battery and charger.  Its wingspan is 28 in. and length is 37 3/4 in.  Power is by a 2627 - kV 5100 motor with a 64 mm ducted fan.  It weighs around 23 oz. ready to fly.

There is a RC F-15 from FMS with a 28 in. wingspan that is 38 1/2 in. long.  It comes with a 2840 - 3150 kV motor turning a 64 mm EDF unit.  Weight is around 36 oz.

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