F-82 Twin Mustang

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US $Cost:
Primary Function:
Weight Empty:
Max. Weight:
Machine Guns:
With Radardome:
Cruise Speed:
Max. Speed:
Climb Rate:
First Flight:
Year Deployed:
2- V 1,600 hp ea.
16,000 lbs.
25,600 lbs.
6 x .50 cal.
25 x 5 in.
4,000 lbs.
38 ft. 11 in.
42 ft. 9 in.
51 ft. 3 in.
330 mph
470 mph
3,700 fpm
38,900 feet
2,200 miles

F-82 Twin Mustang
F-82 Twin Mustang

The F-82 Twin Mustang produced by North American Aviation was the last United States Air Force propeller driven fighter.

The idea of the F-82 Twin Mustang originated during World War II. It was to be a fighter aircraft with long range and 2 pilots. It was reasoned that a pair of pilots alternating flying the aircraft would reduce pilot fatigue on long bomber escort missions.

In an effort to product the new aircraft quickly, North American employed the existing engines and fuselages from the original Mustang. However, the wing of the F-82 was completely new. The design of the aircraft meant that the pilots would be carried in separate cockpits.

The F-82 Twin Mustang, flying from air fields in Japan, was one of the first U.S. fighter aircraft flying missions over Korea. The all-weather interceptor version of the aircraft scored the original United States flying victories of the Korean War on June 27, 1950 by downing 3 enemy planes.

Over 1,860 missions were flown by F-82 Twin Mustang aircraft over Korea. They were retired from combat in February of 1952. A total of 270 of the aircraft were produced.

F-82 Twin Mustang - Giant Scale Twins

F-82 Twin Mustang

That's Jim Oosterhuis with his F-82 Twin Mustang from a Giant Scale Twins kit.  It has a 130 in. wingspan and is 92 in. long. Construction is glass fibre, polystyrene and wood.   Recommended is a 3.7 c.i.d. engine to power it. Weight is around 51 lbs.

The AMA has F-82 Twin Mustang plans for a profile model with a wingspan of 49.5 in. Plan no. is 00594.