Best Helicopter sound effects from combat, air shows, water bombing, with heavy loads, low passes, high speed, hovering, circling, and more.

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You Tube - Helicopter Sound Effects



Helicopter Sound Effects:


Helicopters sound over Vietnam

Lynx helicopter sound at air show

Skycrane helicopter sound loading water

Missile and gun helicopter sound

Ah-64 helicopter sound over Afghanistan

AH-1 Cobra helicopter sound of rockets and Gatling cannon

Helicopter sound of attack

Helicopter sound rescuing a boater

Vietnam casualty evacuation helicopter sound




Helicopter sound doing aerobatics

Helicopter sound dipping sonar

Helicopter sound overflying U.S. troops in Afghanistan

Helicopter sound lifting off by attack helicopter

Helicopter sound at air show

Helicopter sound with pusher prop

Helicopter sound flying low overhead

Howling helicopter sound

Helicopter sound of turbine whine

Helicopter sound landing for fuel

Helicopter sound hovering directly overhead

Circling right above

Going fast just above the terrain

Very fast helicopter sound

Helicopter sound landing

Helicopter sound water bombing

Hovering to level flight

Coming in for a landing

Hovering with a heavy load

Large tandem helicopter sound hovering

Large helicopter sound

Helicopter sound like a steam locomotive

Rescuer HRP helicopter sound