Honda Jet

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US$ Price:
Primary Function:
Engine type:
Max. Weight:
Fuel Capacity:
Max. Cruise Speed:
Initial Climb:
First Flight:
business jet
one or two
GE Honda HF120
2 x 2,050 lbs. ea.
10,600 lbs.
2,850 lbs.
four to six
42 ft. 6 in.
39 ft. 8 in.
485 mph
3,995 fpm
43,000 ft.
1,380 miles

Honda Jet

Honda Jet 

The Honda Jet, officially Honda HA-420 HondaJet, is produced by Honda Aircraft in the United States.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Honda Jet is the positioning of its engines above the wing. The above wing engine position substantially reduces drag. It also eliminates the need for fuselage reinforcement in the engine area. The net results is in excess of thirty percent more interior room than similar small business jets.

The Honda Jet was for was first shown to the public in July 2005 at the Oshkosh Air Show. U.S. orders commenced in September of 2006 with European orders being written starting in May of 2008.

The United States Federal Aviation Administration certified the Honda Jet in December of 2015.  In March of 2016 the Mexican Directorate General of Civil Aeronics certified the aircraft.  It was in May of 2016 when certification was received by the European Aviation Safety Agency.  In June of 2017 Transport Canada certified the Honda Jet.  The National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil gave the Honda Jet its certification in August of 2017.  The latest country to certify the Honda Jet is Japan.  Their Civil Aviation Bureau certified the aircraft in December of 2018.

To date some 92 aircraft have been built. Production of the Honda Jet is anticipated to be around 80 aircraft per year.

RC Honda Jet

RC Honda Jet 
The RC Honda Jet scratch built by Jim Dalmatov has a 80 in. wingspan and length of 82 in. It is of all wood construction and features retracts and a lighting system. Power is by a pair of Jet Cat P120 turbines.