North American F-107

North American F-107

North American F-107
Primary Function:
Weight Empty:
Max. Weight:
Cruise Speed:
Max. Speed:
Climb Rate:
First Flight:
P&W J75
24,500 lbs.
61 ft. 10 in.
36 ft. 7 in.
22,696 lbs.
42,537 lbs.
4- 20 mm
10,000 lbs.
575 mph
1,295 mph
39,900 fpm
53,200 feet
2,430 miles

The North American F-107, known as the Ultra Sabre, is the only American jet fighter ever to have an air intake on the top of its fuselage.

Three aircraft were built in answer to U.S.A.F. requirements for a fighter/bomber to deliver a nuclear payload while flying at up to twice the speed of sound.

To make room for the fire control radar, the engine air intake of the North American F-107 was moved to the top of the fuselage behind the cockpit.

Rather than ailerons, the aircraft used spoilers which allowed it to roll at supersonic speeds.

Other features of the aircraft included an all-moving vertical fin and a variable area inlet duct to automatically control the air intake to the engine.

The North American F-107 never went into production.

North American F-107 Ron Schwarzkopf
North American F-107

Ron Schwarzkopf writes: “I have finished and flown an 1/7.5 scale North American F-107 that has been scratch built. The airplane is powered by a TJT-300 turbojet, and is currently being “re-engined,” along with receiving additional detail. Enclosed is a picture that I happen to have on hand.”  Thank you, Ron.  Just above is the picture of his F-107.

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