Pilatus PC-6

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Primary Function:
Weight Empty:
Max. Weight:
Cruise Speed:
Max. Speed:
Initial Climb:
Year Deployed:
P&W PT6A-27
550 hp.
35 ft. 9 in.
52 ft. 1 in.
2,800 lbs.
6,100 lbs.
170 gallons
137 mph
174 mph (VNE)
1,000 fpm
25,000 feet
575 miles

Pilatus PC-6

Pilatus PC-6

Pilatus PC-6, officially Pilatus PC-6 Porter, aircraft have been flying since 1961. The aircraft are manufactured in Switzerland by Pilatus, and were manufactured for a short time in the United States by Fairchild Aircraft.

The Pilatus PC-6 is one of the most useful utility aircraft in the world. It has been used for parachuting, photography, as a float plane, and for operating from frozen strips. It can hold ten fully equipped parachutists. They appreciate that it can get into the air and land quickly for quick turn around due to its short take off and landing ability.

With a payload of 2,800 lbs. the Pilatus PC-6 is well suited for hauling cargo from small, remote air fields. Special tie down rails permit the cargo to be transported without the risk of it shifting during flight.

Aerial photographers appreciate the stability that the Pilatus PC-6 provides. In addition the aircraft has the flight envelope and maneuverability to accommodate virtually all photographic situations.  

Pilatus PC-6 aircraft are renown for their abilities to tow heavy loads. They can get two gliders into the air and up to release altitude quickly. The aircraft have also been employed to tow large advertising banners.

With big doors which slide open for ease of access, short take off and landing abilities, combined with large payloads, the Pilatus PC-6 makes an excellent air ambulance.

Snow and ice operations are enhanced by equipping the Pilatus PC-6 with skis which can be retracted to enable conventional runway landings as well.

The Pilatus PC-6 can operate in environments which would quickly ground other aircraft. Its special filtration system works to keep debris from internally damaging engines.

The tail wheel of the Pilatus PC-6 can be protected with a special fitting in order to operate from non-paved runways. Large, low pressure tires enable operations in loose sand and mud conditions. Its horizontal stab has been strengthened with fiberglass in order to operate in the harshest environments.

Pilatus PC-6 aircraft have been used for agricultural spraying and as air tankers for fighting blazes. A 340 gallon foam/water tank can quickly be fitted to a PC-6 when the need arises.

The Pilatus PC-6 is used by police departments and air forces of nations throughout the world, including the United States Army and Air Force.

Pilatus has announced that production of PC-6 aircraft will end in early 2019.  Some 600 Pilatus PC-6 aircraft have been produced to date.

Pilatus PC-6 - Top Model

Pilatus PC-6

The Pilatus PC-6 from Top Model CZ has a wingspan of 126 in., length of 99 in. and weight is about 29 lbs. Suggested engines are from 58 to 80 ccm.