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Test your airplane knowledge
(questions and answers)

Name the world’s first jet powered commercial airliner.  (Hint – it was built in England)

It was the first U.S. Navy aircraft with an afterburner, the first USN aircraft to exceed the speed of sound,  the first that could catapult from an aircraft carrier carrying 5,000 lbs. of ordnance, and the first that could drop ordnance while flying at supersonic speeds.  Name it.

In 1997 the United States purchased 21 of this advanced Russian fighter aircraft.  Name it

Name the planned costliest U.S. military fighter program in history

What is the most produced jet fighter aircraft in the West?

Name the only all British produced jet fighter aircraft capable of Mach 2 speeds during level flight.

What Soviet era jet fighter was produced in greater numbers than any other?

Name the aircraft, first deployed in 1988, which were the first to use fly by wire controls in commercial aviation.

This World War II Soviet ground attack aircraft is the most produced military aircraft in history.  Name it.

What helicopter, produced by Russia, is the largest currently flying?

What British fighter aircraft had the greatest amount of victories over German aircraft during the World War II Battle of Britain?

Name the British heavy bombers which flew 7,700 miles non-stop to participate in the Falklands conflict.

Only fourteen of this fast German fighter/bomber with one engine at the front in line with one engine at the rear of the fuselage were built.  Its name in English was Arrow.  Name it.

What is the  name of the the company that designed and produced the B-17 Flying Fortress?

Name the military helicopter that first saw combat during the Vietnam war that was built in greater numbers than any other military helicopter?

Name the most produced single engine civilian aircraft after 2002.

Germany employed the world’s first operational cruise missile during WWII.  Name it. 

This World War II fighter/bomber, made from wood, was the first twin engine British airplane to land on an aircraft carrier.  Name it.

Name the straight wing U.S. Navy fighter jet made by Grumman that flew some 78,000 ground attack missions during the Korean War.

These experimental aircraft, produced by Grumman, could fly at supersonic speeds, were very maneuverable, used the airframe of an F-5 and had their wings swept forward instead of back.  Name the aircraft.

Japan produced more of these famous World War II navy fighter aircraft than any other.  Name it.

Name the American four-seat, single-engine, high wing airplane, with over 44,000 built, that is the most produced of any aircraft in the history of the world.

From 1976 through 2003 Air France and British Airways flew regular passenger supersonic transport service.  What was the name of the aircraft that they used?

The “Spruce Goose”, built by Howard Hughes, that flew just once in 1947, has the longest wingspan of an aircraft ever built.  What is the official designation of the aircraft?

In 1947 the first manned aircraft officially flew faster than the speed of sound in level flight.  It was rocket powered.  Name the aircraft.

What was the first aircraft to hold concurrent records for speed, altitude, and time to altitude?

This Russian six engine jet powered cargo aircraft, currently deployed, weighs more and is longer than any other aircraft in the world.  Name it.

What is the official name of the triplane flown by the Red Baron?

A popular 1980’s weekly television show featured a stealth helicopter.  What was its name?

Which amphibious fire fighting aircraft are known as “Super Scoopers”?

Name the largest U.S. commercial aircraft that is also the world’s longest passenger aircraft.

The United States Army Air Corps had the largest single engine fighter plane of World War II.  Name it.

What U.S. jet fighter had the most victories during the Vietnam War?

What was the U.S. Air Force first stealth attack/bomber that first flew in 1981 and was retired in 2008?

Name the second operational low observable aircraft designed in the United States that is the world’s only heavy bomber of its kind that can carry large air to surface standoff weapons in a stealth configuration.

What is the name of the WWII fast, maneuverable fighter aircraft with the range to escort Allied bombers deep into Germany?

In 1959, when U.S. President Eisenhower was in office, his transport aircraft was officially designated as “Air Force One”.  Name the aircraft.

Name the twin engine pusher prop executive transport aircraft co-developed by Avanti, Ferrari, Learjet and Piaggio.

The first recorded flight by a human was in 1783.  What type of vehicle was used?

What was the first aircraft to drop an atomic bomb?

What is the first U.S. dedicated attack helicopter (named after a snake)?

World War II saw the world’s first operational jet fighter flown by Germany.  Name the aircraft.

Name the Soviet aircraft, primarily an interceptor, that is the fastest jet fighter ever produced.

Germany produced the world’s first operational dedicated jet powered bomber/ reconnaissance aircraft that became operational during World War II.  Name the aircraft.

During World War I, Germany produced the first aircraft with a machine gun firing through the arc of its propeller.  Name it.

Name the U.S. aircraft that is the world’s most produced bomber.

The largest Allied heavy bomber of WW II only saw action in the Pacific theater.  Name it.

Popular myth has it that this WWII U.S. Navy Grumman built dive bomber, designated TBM and TBF was named for avenging the Dec. 7, 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl harbor.  Name it.

Name the primary U.S. Air Force fighter jet deployed during the Korean War.

What is the official designation of the U.S. ground attack aircraft known as the warthog?

Name the U.S. Navy jet fighter aircraft featured in the movie “Top Gun”.

The world’s biggest passenger airplane of today, by weight and wingspan, entered service in 2007.  Name it.

What is the largest selling commercial jetliner ever?

This U.S. produced aircraft is the first jetliner to be completely computer designed and also larger than any two or three engine commercial aircraft.

What U.S. fighter aircraft, currently in service, is prohibited by law from being exported to any other country?

This general aviation aircraft is still in production today.  No aircraft has been produced in greater numbers.  Name it.

What was the most lethal World War I fighter with victories over some 3,000 enemy aircraft?

Name the World War II German aircraft produced in greater numbers than any other fighter aircraft in history.

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