Space Shuttle

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Primary Function:
Weight Empty:
Max. Weight:
Max. Speed:
Max. Duration:
Year Deployed:
space vehicle
two to five
3 x Rocketdyne
393,000 lbs. ea.
172,000 lbs.
240,000 lbs.
122 ft. 7 in.
78 ft. 2 in.
17,500 mph
600 miles
423 hours


Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle

What is commonly referred to as the Space Shuttle is a combination of vehicles that NASA, the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration, has used to transport people and cargo to the edge of space, circling the earth. The first launch was in 1981.

The Space Shuttle consists of a airplane-like aircraft that holds people called the “Orbiter”. A 154 foot long, 28 foot diameter orange color tank holds the fuel used by the Space Shuttle to achieve lift off and orbit. Two 149 foot long, 12 foot diameter cylinders call boosters, containing the rocket motors are used to propel the craft during its launching. The fuel tank and boosters are jettisoned after the fuel is used up during the launch. While the boosters are parachuted for a soft landing and reuse, the fuel tank is discarded.

The Space Shuttle Orbiter has three smaller rocket motors it uses for maneuvering and to slow its rotation speed down in order to leave orbit. Once the Space Shuttle has left orbit, it glides back without any engine power to its landing destination on earth.

A total of six Space Shuttle vehicles were built. Two were lost while flying and one was used as a prototype test vehicle. The remaining vehicles were retired in 2011.

space shuttle

RC Space Shuttle

Frank Burke emailed us the above picture of his RC Space Shuttle. It is 35 in. long, has a 26 in. wingspan, and weighs about 13 1/2 oz. Power comes from an Aerotech E6 rocket motor. You can find a video of Frank’s RC Space Shuttle at www. youtube. com/watch?v=NWEn_qoBItE.
We received the following email from Carlos Marin, aka guapoman 2000 of RC Universe:
“I have made several modifications to a RC Space Shuttle originally built by Electric Jet Factory (EJF). You can view all the details at RC Universe and I will provide you with the direct link down below within this e-mail message. Within this thread, you will find picture links and video links showing the RC Space Shuttle in action.
RC Space Shuttle modifications made were as follows:
1. Full wing Airfoil instead of a flat wing airfoil.
2. Scale double nose wheel and fully steerable.
3. Much better RC Space Shuttle main landing wire and brace to allow this model to rotate and take off at the center-of-gravity. The main gear is long enough to match the nose down stance from the full size RC Space Shuttle.
4. 480 Watt Electric Ducted Fan Unit by Freewing.
5. Additional floor within the RC Space Shuttle in the fuselage cavity to keep the light wires harnesses from being sucked into the Electric Ducted Fan unit using 3mm Depron.
6. Additional openings at the Upper Nose section and bottom chin nose section to the RC Space Shuttle to allow for additional air inlet flow to the Electric Ducted Fan unit.
I am already up to my 2nd successful flight with my RC Space Shuttle. Here are some super digital pictures that David Hart took with his camera:

Now for the actual Maiden Flight then go: 

Hope this helps!”
 – Carlos

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